The wierd interview

One of the most depressing part of my life was the harrowing experience of attending interviews.And recession had made matters worse.

Long time back, I had attended a telephonic interview for an internship offer. The interviewer had called the earlier day , specified the time of the telephonic interview and asked me to be ready with pen and paper.

The next day I was eagerly waiting for the call… the mobile rang…..
After a set of standard questions like tell me about yourself, the interviewer asked me one weird question:

“There are four ants moving. Every ant follows the ant in front of it. The second one follows the first,  third follows the second, fourth follows the third and first follows the fourth.
Each ant is making an angle of 90 degrees with the ant in front of it… blah blah blah….
Can you tell me the pattern in which the ants are moving?”

I was thinking for a few moments,when I remembered a scene from Bommarillu movie. Hasini narrates the following puzzle:

“Moodu cheemalu velthunnayi. First cheema na venakaala rendu cheemalu unnayi andi, second cheema naa venakaala oka cheem undi andi, third cheema naa venakaala kooda rendu cheemalu unnayi andi, adi ela kudurthundi???”

Prakash Raj instantly replies “Circle lo thiruguthunnayemo”

I replied “The ants are moving in a circle”.

I heard a sigh in his voice.

“You are quite close to the answer, well never mind, let me move on to the next question. N horses are participating in a race… “.


About Bhavani A B

DSP Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineer, VLSI designer, Guitarist, Artist
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2 Responses to The wierd interview

  1. Soma says:

    I guess they are moving in some rectangle pattern … But it’s really wierd 😦
    I wish I don’t face any such 🙂

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