My Electric Guitar – Review

My Yamaha RGX121Z Electric guitar, made in indonesia, has 22 frets. The fingerbord made of  is rosewood with dots on the 3rd 5th 7th 9th 12th 15th 17th 19th and 21st frets. I purchased the red-maroon color.

For the electronics, There is one volume control and one tone control.It has three picups, out of which two are humbuckers and one is a single coil. A five way selector switch is provided to select the picups.

I preferred  vintage type bridge over Floyd Rose.

In Floyd Rose, two forces affect the angle of the tremolo’s base… STRING TENSION and SPRING TENSION. The strings pull the back side of the bridge up, the springs pull it down towards the top. In order to have the bridge sit correctly, two tensions must be balanced. One common challenge for tremolo users in Floyd Rose is keeping their instrument in tune. Each time a tremolo is used,it must return to the exact same location (center itself) in order for the instrument to be in tune.

Sound: As I am a beginner to the electric, I played pretty simple solo of Californication from Red hot chilli peppers(RHCP), and
sounds superb.I tried effects like bending and vibrato.

Impression: I think this guitar is a high grade instrument for an entry level guitarist.

About Bhavani Anantapur Bache

I'm an enthusiastic and self-motivated Software Engineer with a passion for building cutting-edge innovative products related to Embedded Systems. In a career spanning over 6 years in Software/Hardware technologies, I got involved the leading an entire software development life-cycle of projects from understanding the requirements and scope, product design, writing code, writing automation tests, documentation, debugging and fixing issues to release of the product to the customer. Such experience contributed towards my advanced proficiency in C++ and object-oriented programming. I liked working on Linux operating system, Linux shell scripting, writing Makefiles and Python. I enjoy solving complex problems and actively participate in programming challenges. I have a passion for innovation with a proven track record of publications in the international journals and conferences, in the areas of Signal Processing, Data Mining, and Machine learning. Currently, I'm working on building novel solutions using signal processing, data mining and machine learning methodologies. I aspire to build new products that would leverage my unique background in software, hardware, and machine learning and that would make a significant impact on the end user.
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