Copy Paste

Pehli nazar mein kaisa jadu kar diya is a wonderful song from movie Race with the magical touch of Atif Aslam. Undoubtedly this song was a hit. But there is a dark secret behind this song. This song is inspired from a korean song “Sarang hae yo”. It is hard to believe that even some of the greatest music directors get inspired from songs of other languages. The song Maya Maya from Guru is a copy paste from a Serbian song. In the age of Facebook, twitter, orkut and youtube, it is not difficult to find the original.

The song Mehebooba mehebooba was a sensation in the 80s. Just type “Demis Roussos Say You Love Me” in youtube and you will be surprised to listen to the original.

The title song of telugu movie chatrapati is inspired from the theme song from a German game called myst4.
You can check it here
The music directors have added sanskrit lyrics to make is sound “powerful”.

A very famous song “Kya Mujhe pyaar hai” from the movie Woh Lamhe is taken from a song by Indonesian Rock band. Even the guitar strumming at the intro is not spared. Kaho na kaho from movie murder is copy paste from an Arabic song “tamalaay maak” .
Title song of Manasantha nuvve , Aao milo chale from Jab we met…I may have to end my post here as the list seems to be endless.

Quote of the day “Copy Paste rocks!!!!!!”


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One Response to Copy Paste

  1. Hima Bindu says:

    hey nice blog…. yeah, its little disappointing to know that these famous songs were copied…

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