The Baba Billionaires

They have established huge business empires.They have their offices established all over the globe. They are billionaires. They are the new age babas. They enthrall their audiences with enlightening speeches. A major portion of the audience include highly educated individuals who are unable to cope up with high levels of stress in the industry. The weakness of these individuals forms their major investment.  The so-called ‘meditation classes’ come at a price. For attending a single class one has to shell down Rs 1500-2500. The donations from celebrity followers also form a part of their income.
The modern gurus make large investments and use new and innovative techniques for marketing. Recently, Sri Sri Ravishankar Maharaj had conducted a musical  concert with thousands of musicians playing all the classical indian musical instruments like veena, violin, tabla, mridangam, sitar etc.The concert attracted a huge audience. Jaggi vasudev is known for his tree plantation. Most of the TV channels nowadays are occupied with the programmes of these babas.

The so-called spiritual leaders are more of businessmen than saints. They are much different from the sadhus in Ancient India like the Buddha, who lived a simple life. It is up to the people to realise whether it is worth spending on spiritual lectures of these saints.


About Bhavani A B

DSP Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineer, VLSI designer, Guitarist, Artist
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One Response to The Baba Billionaires

  1. Anupama says:

    I do accept with Bhavani’s opinion. It is in common people’s hand, to decide the real and unreal happenings of the world.

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