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Meeting a friend after decade!!!

Partying out with friends is fun, but what about meeting an old friend after a decade??? I felt very much elated yesterday, when I met Souji, my school friend. I was rather shocked to see her. After loads of shopping, … Continue reading

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VS’s most famous quotes

VS was a fair lady with a very sweet voice. We were so mesmerized by her voice that we could not help but sleep. A yawn in her class was a serious crime. The following are the most famous quotes … Continue reading

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The biology lab

For a month I was out of blogsphere, the reason – Life was quite hectic. I was held up with work. After 7 months, the project was nearing completion and I had to put in extra effort every day. My … Continue reading

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Small Wonder

The small sized electronic chips have changed the world, and the way we live, drastically. From house hold appliances like microwave ovens and LCD televisions,digital cameras to aircraft, satellites and defense equipment, one cannot deny the fact that these devices … Continue reading

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