The biology lab

For a month I was out of blogsphere, the reason – Life was quite hectic. I was held up with work. After 7 months, the project was nearing completion and I had to put in extra effort every day. My Guitar practice also suffered. Now its time to get back to blogging.

Yesterday, I had a chat with my School friend on gtalk. I was talking to her after 10 long years. She was doing her majors in public health in the US. I felt nostalgic about the good old school days. They were so much fun. I felt I should pen down a few posts due to two reasons… First, to recollect fond memories of school days, Second, to share these memories with my friends.

The school days were packed with lot of activity. Inter house competitions, house functions, sports day, annual day to name a few. The most unforgettable one was VS’s biology lab sessions.VS was known to use new and innovative ways to conduct her lab sessions. Some of the experiments were too weird.

Not to talk about the dissections. We had to dissect a mosquito, a house fly and a cockroach. VS had issued orders to hunt all these creatures and get them to the lab. “Cockroaches are mostly found in the wash rooms. And for the house fly, you can try using a chunni, or your mother’s saree. You can also try applying oil on a plastic sheet and throwing it on the fly. You may get some ideas from your seniors, if these don’t work” she added.

After running around in the garden for a couple of hours, searching vigorously under the trees and among the bushes, finally I could get these insects in a box. All the efforts turned fruitless. I started feeling nauseous after opening the box in the lab. Phew!!! the cockroach had decomposed badly. I looked around. Div was too busy setting her microscope. “Hey Div, do u have an extra cockroach with you???”. I wondered how she managed to get two while I struggled to get just one. She had carefully preserved the insects in a special solution (which she got from her mother’s lab).After an hour-long dissection, gazed at the watch, it was still 12:15.
I waited for the lunch hour to begin. My lungs craved for a breath of fresh air. The lunch bell was given afer five minutes.
We were ready to walk out of the lab when VS came up with a pleasant surprise…”Get some cactus leaves for our next experiment”.lol…:)


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2 Responses to The biology lab

  1. Div says:

    Wow Bhavani!! Excellent memory!! I did not remember that litte intercation in the Biology lab!! till I read that!! Those were the fun days!! As I always say….Going down memory lane!!

  2. Manju says:

    Hahaha.. i remember this lab session.. we were seeing the lungs of the cockroach and eyes of the housefly.. Nice memory Bhavani 🙂

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