VS’s most famous quotes

VS was a fair lady with a very sweet voice. We were so mesmerized by her voice that we could not help but sleep. A yawn in her class was a serious crime. The following are the most famous quotes of VS, as far as I remember.

1.”I dont want anyone to yawn in my class. A person who yawns should go back and stand. But you can yawn when I am not watching you”.

2.”If you talk in my class, I will speak more and more softly,my voice will become softer and softer so that you will not be able to hear it at all”

3.”You are allowed to copy in the examinations, provided you are not caught while copying. Copying is an art.”

4. Looks at a guy in the class and says “You have such beautiful eyelashes, If I were a girl, I would definitely fall for those eyelashes”. lol……:)

5.”I love the smell of petrol, each time I fill petrol in my vehicle, I feel like drinking it” …lol.

6.”I will not correct the records without covers. I want you all to stick a piece of paper on the record book so that I can write all my comments. Comments should be visible to everyone”.

7.”You all listen to Ms M, but never listen to me”.

8.”In a hydrogen atom, the electron goes round the nucleus just like a boy goes round a beautiful girl in his bicycle”. (A hydrogen atom was being compared to a scene in DDLJ).

9. “If you break a cover slip, Rs5 will be collected from you, and for a glass slide Rs25 will be collected”.


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4 Responses to VS’s most famous quotes

  1. mangai says:


  2. shanti sudha says:

    great.. nice ones.. I am able to recollect the way we use to listen in her classes. ๐Ÿ™‚

    shanti sudha

  3. Manju says:

    i remember one more comment of hers.. guess u didnt mention it intentionally.. saying that “When you yawn.. i can see your An***….”… She really made some crazy comments.. But i used to love her classes.. she made them interesting with these jokes.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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