Meeting a friend after decade!!!

Partying out with friends is fun, but what about meeting an old friend after a decade???

I felt very much elated yesterday, when I met Souji, my school friend. I was rather shocked to see her. After loads of shopping, I was back home, and met her in the elevator. The worst part of the meeting was that she did not recognize me.

Me: Hey Souji, How r u :)??
Souji: (**looks surprised..) How do u know me?
Me : Are u from BVBPS?? I know you very well.
Souji: Yeah..
Me : Do you know Div, Mangai, Becki…
S: They were my classmates. how do u know them??
Me: I know them coz I was from the same batch…
S : Oh really, somehow I am not able to recollect.. 😦  Do you live in the same apartment?
Me : Yes!!!
S : Not seen you anytime…you can you come down to my house
Me : May be some other time… gotta go now


About Bhavani A B

DSP Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineer, VLSI designer, Guitarist, Artist
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2 Responses to Meeting a friend after decade!!!

  1. mangai says:

    which Souji is this???

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