Its the time when….

Its the time ….
when the First,second and third strings of the acoustic guitar dont sound right,
when the  fret board of the acoustic guitar needs correction,
when those romantic notes of the acoustic guitar have faded away,
when the Dmajor chord of the guitar does not sound right,
when both my acoustic and electric guitars are down,
when the work at office is going on at a much slower pace,
when you want to get back to the good old college days and enjoy,
when you want to meet those old friends who have moved far away,
when you are bored of listening to all the songs in you PC,
Its the time when you want to get out of the routine of life and
post the long forgotten post!!!
happy blogging…..


About Bhavani A B

DSP Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineer, VLSI designer, Guitarist, Artist
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