The hobby called homeo

Recently, a gentleman in his late sixties, who is a family friend visited our house. He was retired and both his sons were married had settled in the US. He had visited the US recently with his wife and had come here a couple of months back.I was surprised or rather shocked when I heard that practicing medicine was his hobby,even though he was not a medical Doctor!!!!! Shudders!! He said that he was quite sound financially, God had given him everything, and he wanted spend rest of his life serving people. He began reading books on homeopathy medicine during his free time and started prescribing them to  few people for small ailments like running nose. They were one of his first lab rats. Later he began treating more chronic cases like the arthritis. When he saw his ‘patients’ recover, he felt very happy.
He said he was quite busy in the evenings seeing ‘patients’. And I was even more surprised when I heard that there were a couple of retired guys like him who practiced homeopathy medicine as a hobby. “To prescribe homeopathy medicines legally, one needs a BHMS degree and a license” I said.”Doctors with all their degrees, make lives of patients miserable, by loading them with too many medicines. They don’t really know how the medicines act on people” He answered.
Oh God !!!What a deadly hobby!!! A hobby of which can even kill people!!! A hobby which can ruin the health and lives of many!!!


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One Response to The hobby called homeo

  1. Soma says:

    Actually there are many people who are like your uncle. Personally even my grandfather is that way. Hez good at Allopathy, Homeopathy and even Ayurvedic. He suggest medicines to the people for a number of diseases depending on the need and the type of the person. Infact I too would like to join the group and so I’ve started my home work of reading the Homeopathy books already.

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