All about Maddy

I would like to start the post with a short biography on Madhuri Ravipati, alias Maddy.
Maddy and I were the only two women folk out of 30 from our batch of M.Tech VLSI. Maddy was a great VLSI designer and had good understanding of the fundamentals of physical design, digital design,semiconductor devices and circuits, especially the transistors, FETs and stuff.  She could write VHDL codes with great ease. She had coded a major portion of USB controller during her B.Tech. She was a very active lady and a German freak. She attended German classes thrice a week, and travelled about 70KM a day to attend just one and a half to two hours of the class. She used to read German books, browsed German sites and even attended German parties. She had a rare hobby of learning foreign languages and knew quite a bit of French and Spanish. She loved to wake up early in the morning and enjoyed the cool fresh air of IIIT and collected lovely morning flowers with Srujana, while I enjoyed sleeping in my room. An ardent fan of Yendamoori Veerendranath, a well-known Telugu novelist,  she had read almost all of his books.  She offered me mouth-watering snack each time I was at her room.The most unforgettable one being the delicious Kakinada Khaja, which was from her hometown. . The homemade chikkis prepared by her mom were too delicious. Well, Maddy was a good friend, fun-loving person and we enjoyed copying assignments.
It was about 10 in the morning and I was still asleep in my hostel room. I had watched a movie in my local PC, the previous day till 2AM, which I had downloaded from DC++. I heard someone knocking the door and woke up. It was Maddy.
M: Are you still asleep?
Me Yeah got up just now.
M: Hey did you complete the Algos assignment??
Me: Which Algos assignment?
M:  We have to submit in the class at 11 30
Me:I don’t remember it. What about you.
M: I wanted to start it just now and thought you could have completed it.
Me:Nenaaaaaa…. anta ledhe… Did you have your breakfast?.
M: Not yet.
Me: I will be at your room in another 10 15 mts and lets start for breakfast.
M: ok
We rushed to the mess and gulped down the tasteless stuff as fast as we could. I had a cup of tea that tasted awful.
We then rushed to Maddy’s room and started writing the assignment.
M: I am not sure we have the correct solution for the problem.
Me : We are running out of time, we need to complete the assignment.
M : Lets write whatever we can.
Me: If we write the very same solution and it turns out to be wrong, then we will be given a zero in all the assignments
for copying.
M:  Yeah that’s true.
Me: Let me change the solution a little and submit!!!


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One Response to All about Maddy

  1. yellowcoffee says:

    Those were the best days 🙂 I still remember the project we all did together 🙂
    ~Hope “Maddy” gets to read this post 🙂

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