Why Anantapur??

Lot of people have been asking questions about my last name  Anantapur Bache.  Many of them were surprised when I said ,I speak Marathi at home but I am native of Anantapur, which is a town in Andhra Pradesh. I am tired of repeating the story to many and I thought I should pen down a few lines about my last name in this post. There is a short story associated with it. Long time back, Maratha emperor Shivaji’s empire had spread vast till Thanjavur in the down south. He had deputed some of his officers in different parts of his empire, especially Thanjavur and Anantapur, and they had settled there permanently. They made South India as their home, spoke south Indian languages fluently and even got used to the south Indian food. They were so much imbibed into the culture of south India, its hard to believe that they are the Marathas. So I am a Maharashtrian, but native of Anantapur.I can speak telugu fluently.But what about Bache?? My entire family is named after our forefather Bache Rao, and there is a street even now in Anantapur named after him. My father had spent most of his childhood there and had come to Hyderabad for his career. My mother is also a Marathi, but from Tamil Nadu. Her father worked as a Headmaster in Periyakulam, which is a small town in Madurai district of Tamil Nadu, Near Kodaikanal. My mom can read write and speak Tamil, but cannot read or write Telugu. She can only speak Telugu. My father can read write and speak Telugu, but can only speak Tamil, he cannot read or write Tamil. I can read write and speak both Telugu and Tamil,but cannot speak Tamil fluently.

Finally, I can say I am an Indian, and proud to be an Indian. Jai Hind!!!!!


About Bhavani A B

DSP Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineer, VLSI designer, Guitarist, Artist
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