IIIT- on rainy day!!!

Maddy and I stood at the window of the corridor on the third floor of Girls Hostel at IIIT. It was raining very heavily. The sky was roaring with thunder. Strong winds swept the rain water across the road with great force.  The wind slammed the windows of the hostel rooms. It seemed impossible to step out, even with an umbrella.  We had to attend VLSI algorithms class by Dr. Prosenjit Gupta. Dr.Gupta was a professor with great intellect.  He conducted classes very systematically.  From teaching, projects to assignments, correction and grading, he maintained his own standards and strived for perfection.
Dr.Gupta would never allow late comers to his class, even if they were two to three minutes late. We used to sit in the class five minutes before to avoid the usual “Why are you late???” or even “Get out”.
Me: Its raining very heavily.
M: Yeah, it seems to be impossible to step out. What do we do now??
Me:Lets wait for sometime. I think it will stop raining in another half an hour.
M: We will be thrown out of the class then.
M: I have an umbrella with me. We will be able to make it.
Academic building was quite near to GH(about 50 yards),but the umbrella couldn’t save us from getting drenched.  When we went to the class, to our surprise, we were the only two out of 30 to be present there. “Where are the others?” asked Dr Gupta. “I don’t know, they may be coming late due to rain”, I replied. The class commenced after half an hour. Maddy and I had a good laugh after the class.


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DSP Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineer, VLSI designer, Guitarist, Artist
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4 Responses to IIIT- on rainy day!!!

  1. yellowcoffee says:

    Just remembered his classes after reading through the post….
    taken back in time with those wonderful memories of iiit…..
    hoping to see more posts on iiit 🙂

  2. Soma says:

    I partially remember the class. Do you remember what is the strength that day? Do you think all the boys attended the class?

    Whatever it is it’s good that we’re re-collecting our old sweet memories …

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