Dr. Prosenjit’s puzzles

One of the most interesting courses that we took up in the first semester of IIIT was DMA alias Discrete Maths and Algorithms. The course contained a lot of analytical stuff. As usual, Me and Maddy would postpone all the assignments to the last-minute. We would begin writing assignments one hour before the class. The instructions on the assignment question paper would be very clear. “Each question carries 5 marks. The answers should not exceed one A4 size sheet. Maximum marks 20”. Writing a single A4 size sheet would not take more than 5 minutes but solving Dr. Gupta’s assignment would take not less than two hours (If all the four questions were easy). His examinations were not easy either. We would just sit and stare in the exam hall trying hard to figure out the answers.

In one of his classes Dr. Gupta asked an interesting puzzle. The puzzle was:
“There is a village where the people are divided into two groups. One group of people speak truth always and the other group lie always. There is a pond in the village and you are supposed to find the pond. You reach a place where there are two paths, one heading left and the other heading right. You find a person there. How will you find your way to the pond by asking only one question to the villager?”
There was silence in the room. There were about 120 students in his class, and none of them could solve this puzzle. Finally, Dr.Gupta gave the answer. To find the pond in the village you would ask the villager “If I were to ask you the question whether the pond is towards left, then will you answer YES???”


About Bhavani Anantapur Bache

I'm an enthusiastic and self-motivated Software Engineer with a passion for building cutting-edge innovative products related to Embedded Systems. In a career spanning over 6 years in Software/Hardware technologies, I got involved the leading an entire software development life-cycle of projects from understanding the requirements and scope, product design, writing code, writing automation tests, documentation, debugging and fixing issues to release of the product to the customer. Such experience contributed towards my advanced proficiency in C++ and object-oriented programming. I liked working on Linux operating system, Linux shell scripting, writing Makefiles and Python. I enjoy solving complex problems and actively participate in programming challenges. I have a passion for innovation with a proven track record of publications in the international journals and conferences, in the areas of Signal Processing, Data Mining, and Machine learning. Currently, I'm working on building novel solutions using signal processing, data mining and machine learning methodologies. I aspire to build new products that would leverage my unique background in software, hardware, and machine learning and that would make a significant impact on the end user.
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