Exam time !!! Exam time!!!

It was around 8 30 in the evening and after the dinner at the mess, I was hurrying to my hostel room at the third floor. The very thought of ITWS exam next day sent a wave of panic.  I din’t have a slightest clue about the syllabus. All that I knew was, I had to prepare Shell scripting, perl scripting, php, mysql and HTML for the exam. That was too much in short time. I had not started my preparation either. Probably it was a 2 credit course and I had taken it easily, or maybe I had spent all my time downloading movies through DC++ and watching them.  I was going up the stairs in the first floor, when I met Renuka, walking around seriously in the corridor with a book in her hand.
Me: How was your Operating system exam today??
Renuka: It was pretty bad.
Me: But I think you had prepared quite well for the exam??
Renuka: My exam preparation was good.I had done quite badly in the exam. In fact, I had to give almost a blank paper.
Me: Oh… 😮 (looks surprised).
Renuka: Yeah, Dr. Kamal’s exams are quite tough. He conducts open book exams. The questions are so tough, that we can hardly answer a single question, even after good preparation. Since it’s a negative marking exam, very few of them get positive scores. Since the grading is relative, I preferred giving a blank paper, instead of writing some crap and getting negative marks.
Me: Thats really bad.What is the next exam??
Renuka: Advanced Algorithms.
Me: All the best..

It was almost nine at night and I started quickly browsing through the slides of lectures. The slides seemed never ending. Too many regular expressions, too many commands and too many programs. I was feeling sleepy already. What should I do now?? I never liked to burn the midnight oil for the exam. I decided to take the help of Rajani, who had finished the ITWS course in the earlier sem.  I went to Rajani’s room and knocked the door.
Me: Hey Rajani, sorry to disturb you, are you preparing for your exam??
Rajani: Yeah, we have FEM(Finite Element Methods) tomorrow. Its pretty tough.
Me: Can you do me a favour?? I have not yet started my preparation for ITWS. Can you tell me what to prepare for the exam??
Rajani: I will tell you some important questions, you can prepare them. Mostly, I guess the same questions will be asked. You can try your luck with these.

I had enough time to prepare the questions that Rajani had given me. Next day, I was surprised to see the  same questions on the exam paper. I was just lucky….


About Bhavani A B

DSP Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineer, VLSI designer, Guitarist, Artist
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