Exam time !!! Exam time!!!

It was around 8 30 in the evening and after the dinner at the mess, I was hurrying to my hostel room at the third floor. The very thought of ITWS exam next day sent a wave of panic.  I din’t have a slightest clue about the syllabus. All that I knew was, I had to prepare Shell scripting, perl scripting, php, mysql and HTML for the exam. That was too much in short time. I had not started my preparation either. Probably it was a 2 credit course and I had taken it easily, or maybe I had spent all my time downloading movies through DC++ and watching them.  I was going up the stairs in the first floor, when I met Renuka, walking around seriously in the corridor with a book in her hand.
Me: How was your Operating system exam today??
Renuka: It was pretty bad.
Me: But I think you had prepared quite well for the exam??
Renuka: My exam preparation was good.I had done quite badly in the exam. In fact, I had to give almost a blank paper.
Me: Oh… 😮 (looks surprised).
Renuka: Yeah, Dr. Kamal’s exams are quite tough. He conducts open book exams. The questions are so tough, that we can hardly answer a single question, even after good preparation. Since it’s a negative marking exam, very few of them get positive scores. Since the grading is relative, I preferred giving a blank paper, instead of writing some crap and getting negative marks.
Me: Thats really bad.What is the next exam??
Renuka: Advanced Algorithms.
Me: All the best..

It was almost nine at night and I started quickly browsing through the slides of lectures. The slides seemed never ending. Too many regular expressions, too many commands and too many programs. I was feeling sleepy already. What should I do now?? I never liked to burn the midnight oil for the exam. I decided to take the help of Rajani, who had finished the ITWS course in the earlier sem.  I went to Rajani’s room and knocked the door.
Me: Hey Rajani, sorry to disturb you, are you preparing for your exam??
Rajani: Yeah, we have FEM(Finite Element Methods) tomorrow. Its pretty tough.
Me: Can you do me a favour?? I have not yet started my preparation for ITWS. Can you tell me what to prepare for the exam??
Rajani: I will tell you some important questions, you can prepare them. Mostly, I guess the same questions will be asked. You can try your luck with these.

I had enough time to prepare the questions that Rajani had given me. Next day, I was surprised to see the  same questions on the exam paper. I was just lucky….


About Bhavani Anantapur Bache

I'm an enthusiastic and self-motivated Software Engineer with a passion for building cutting-edge innovative products related to Embedded Systems. In a career spanning over 6 years in Software/Hardware technologies, I got involved the leading an entire software development life-cycle of projects from understanding the requirements and scope, product design, writing code, writing automation tests, documentation, debugging and fixing issues to release of the product to the customer. Such experience contributed towards my advanced proficiency in C++ and object-oriented programming. I liked working on Linux operating system, Linux shell scripting, writing Makefiles and Python. I enjoy solving complex problems and actively participate in programming challenges. I have a passion for innovation with a proven track record of publications in the international journals and conferences, in the areas of Signal Processing, Data Mining, and Machine learning. Currently, I'm working on building novel solutions using signal processing, data mining and machine learning methodologies. I aspire to build new products that would leverage my unique background in software, hardware, and machine learning and that would make a significant impact on the end user.
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