The Nonsense Project

Disclaimer: All the content given in this post are completely fictitious with the intention to  incorporate some humor into the post. Any resemblance with a website or a software package is purely coincidental.

1. Origin
This project was started in Silicon Valley by Anonymous Software pvt ltd. to make the life of the developer and the user easy. Later as many as 100000 different companies all over the world contributed to the project.


  • Use at least a 20 core Intel 100000 giga hertz processor.
  • Have a 1000GB RAM. If you have less than 500GB RAM on your system, you will find the builds prohibitively slow.
  • 1000 Tera Byte hard disk. At the time of build, the project generates binaries which are more than 100 Tera byte.
  • Windows Super XP 6790909 or later.

3. Getting Started
Read the 10000 page instruction pdf manual before starting the build.  Read it again! Follow the steps carefully. Download and install the softwares in the same order as given in the documentation.

4. Getting the code:

Get the fresh clone of the project from the command
git clone
The above download may take about 78 hours even in a system with the above specifications. Wait for the download to complete fully.

5. Building the code
After download you can fire the build by running the following script.
This may take a few weeks to few months. More likely, 2 weeks. If you get any build errors, kindly refer to the FAQ or rather FBE (Frequently encountered Build Errors)
in our website and fix them accordingly. If it still doesn’t work, repeating this process probably won’t help. After a few weeks, if you get the build through then, follow the instructions given below to run the project.
6. Running Nonsense Project:
The Nonsense.exe executable can be found at NonsenseCode/Debug/Nonsense.exe or Nonsense/Release/Nonsense.exe, depending on the selected build configuration.
Because of Nonsense’s unique architecture, there are a number of special challenges associated with development. See Debugging Nonsense for more information. Once you’re comfortable with building Nonsense, read the Contributing Code page for information about writing code for Nonsense and contributing it. You can also run the code by running the following script in cygwin:


You are lucky if the project runs without your sytem being exploded.
Beware of the following errors on the system:
1. Before the system crashes at the time of compilation, look out for the following error:
Fatal: Build unsuccessful due to error in linking .junk and .crap. The system will crash in a few moments.
Shut down your system to save it!!!
2. Also with the following error:
Highly Fatal: Build unsuccessful. The system will explode in a few moments. Stay at least 10 feet away  from the system.

6. Accelerating the project build:

  • Disable your anti-virus software for .ilk, .pdb, .cc, .h .junk, .crap and .bogus files and only check for viruses on modify. Disable scanning the directory where your sources reside.
  • Reduce number of parallel builds. The Nonsense project requires a lot of memory to link if you build to many sub-projects simultaneously your PC will slow to crawl during the linking phase because of the linkers fighting for the swap. If the process continues, there is a danger of they system crashing or even exploding (see section 5 above).

About Bhavani Anantapur Bache

I'm an enthusiastic and self-motivated Software Engineer with a passion for building cutting-edge innovative products related to Embedded Systems. In a career spanning over 6 years in Software/Hardware technologies, I got involved the leading an entire software development life-cycle of projects from understanding the requirements and scope, product design, writing code, writing automation tests, documentation, debugging and fixing issues to release of the product to the customer. Such experience contributed towards my advanced proficiency in C++ and object-oriented programming. I liked working on Linux operating system, Linux shell scripting, writing Makefiles and Python. I enjoy solving complex problems and actively participate in programming challenges. I have a passion for innovation with a proven track record of publications in the international journals and conferences, in the areas of Signal Processing, Data Mining, and Machine learning. Currently, I'm working on building novel solutions using signal processing, data mining and machine learning methodologies. I aspire to build new products that would leverage my unique background in software, hardware, and machine learning and that would make a significant impact on the end user.
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