Happy new year 2012

I wish all the readers a very happy new year 2012. To kick off the new year, I would like to start my blogging by an inspiring Facebook post by Renuka:

A Beautiful year is waiting for you,
Walk with aims, run with Confidence,
Fly With your Achievements, May u have a lovely year..
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my dear Friends..

The new year started with a lot of new resolutions, most of which are highly confidential 😛 . There is one resolution, which I felt, is worth posting. Every day of the year, I would like to walk into the office with the same energy, excitement and enthusiasm as Arjun Rampal in the song Subah subah. That would make every single day at work exciting. The song starts with the strumming of the acoustic guitar which gives enough energy to the song. The song has been a source of inspiration for me throughout the year 2011.

At the office front our team partied out at Domino’s. It was a lot fun and a great way to start the year. Hope all my team members have a great year ahead.


About Bhavani A B

DSP Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineer, VLSI designer, Guitarist, Artist
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