The rare testimonial

It was during those IIIT days that I got addicted to orkut. Scrapping became a routine.  My friends  knew that I would hang out in the world of orkut, and would scrap to call me for lunch, dinner, tea or snacks.  There was often a rivalry about the number of scraps or even fans. “Neekente, neeku chaala mandi fans unnaru”
Madhuri used to tell me. (You have too many fans !!! :)). The best part of orkutting I ever remember was this lovely  testimonial from Madhuri. It was one of the best testimonials that I ever received from a person.  It was not public as she had deleted the testimonial, but somehow, I could retrieve it from my orkut account. The testimonial is of course in German, as she is a German freak. Read it if you understand it!!! (Yahoo babel fish can help you).

Sie ist ein schönes und intelligente Mädchen, ein sehr professionell und punctual.Obwohl, sie sie ein studious studentin ,aber hat eine andere Seite in ihr, das Spaßlieben, aktiv und sie ist ein guter Maler, ich mag sie sehr, ich kam, zu wissen, daß sie mag tanzen ..du mir dieses nie?? erklärte? :-).ok das ganzes beste während Ihrer Zukunft.:-)


About Bhavani A B

DSP Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineer, VLSI designer, Guitarist, Artist
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